Sunday, September 30, 2012

Recent Projects

I've found so much inspiration and ideas from pinterest lately. There's a long list of things that I want to make and try for our home. If only there was enough time in the day,lol..

These letters are the $2.00 chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby. I painted the edges with acrylic paint and covered them with scrapbook paper. A coat of modge podge gave them some shine. They took a few hours to make and dry. I have them displayed on a shelf in our living room.Now I just need to frame some pictures to go around it.

This Magnetic Memo board is made from a cookie sheet. I bought the cookie sheet for 2 bucks at the flea market. It is spray painted and I used spray adhesive to cover it with scrapbook paper. The magnets are handmade too. They are made from scrabble tiles and clothespins. I am using it in my craft room to hold patterns and notes.

Memo Board

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BBQ Pineapple Pork

I recently came across a website with a variety of crock pot meals that could be frozen ahead of time. So after this months grocery trip, I spent about an hours time to bag up a weeks worth of meals. It was strange putting all of the raw ingredients and seasonings into the bags. But I gotta say that I love just throwing dinner into the pot in the morning and having it ready when I come home in the evening. So far we've had beef stew, taco soup, garlic lemon chicken and tonight's dinner was BBQ Pineapple Pulled Pork Sandwiches. They were yummy. I wanted to share the website because there really are some great recipes whether you decide tho freeze them like I did or just prepare them that day.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mardi Gras Nails

My nails done with Sinful Colors Gorgeous and Sinful Colors Fig. Reminds me of Mardi Gras

Projects for our Bedroom

We recently got a new bedroom suite, with nightstand. It seemed rather empty  with only our lamp and alarm. I made a few DIY decor items to add. The wine bottle is wrapped with yarn which was an idea that I got from google. It only took about 15 minutes to wrap and I used my hot glue gun to secure it. I did the vase by dropping acrylic paint into it and then swirling with a fan brush. The letters are also painted with acrylic paint and I bought them from the dollar store. I love the way that the colors match out lamp. All together it only took me about an hour to make everything and a few hours for the paint to dry. I want to maybe crochet some flowers for the vase in the future.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Handpainted Key Holder Frame

This weekend I was extra stressed out, and needed some craft therapy. I saw these two projects on pinterest, DIY Key Holder and Art and Glass Painting DIY. After a quick trip to Walmart for a cheap frame and screw in hooks, I spent the rest of the evening painting away. The design was inspired by a cross stitch pattern that I bought from Hobby lobby a few weeks ago. I lost interest in the cross stitch but really loved the quote and Irish cross.

Here are the supplies needed most of which I had on hand.

Enamel Acrylic Craft Paint (for painting on glass)
Picture Frame with wide edges
small metal screw in hooks
a drill
a pop tab to hang frame (also an idea from pinterest)

I simply drilled 3 evenly spaced holes and screwed in the hooks. Removed the backing from the frame. Painted my design and let dry. Then drilled a screw onto the pop tab as a hanger, attached ribbon and hung in my kitchen.
The awesome thing about painting onto glass is that you can attach a sketch or printout to the back as a guide.