Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Handpainted Key Holder Frame

This weekend I was extra stressed out, and needed some craft therapy. I saw these two projects on pinterest, DIY Key Holder and Art and Glass Painting DIY. After a quick trip to Walmart for a cheap frame and screw in hooks, I spent the rest of the evening painting away. The design was inspired by a cross stitch pattern that I bought from Hobby lobby a few weeks ago. I lost interest in the cross stitch but really loved the quote and Irish cross.

Here are the supplies needed most of which I had on hand.

Enamel Acrylic Craft Paint (for painting on glass)
Picture Frame with wide edges
small metal screw in hooks
a drill
a pop tab to hang frame (also an idea from pinterest)

I simply drilled 3 evenly spaced holes and screwed in the hooks. Removed the backing from the frame. Painted my design and let dry. Then drilled a screw onto the pop tab as a hanger, attached ribbon and hung in my kitchen.
The awesome thing about painting onto glass is that you can attach a sketch or printout to the back as a guide.

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